Board mandate

The balance of strategic skills on the Board provides a mix of perspectives that brings sufficient depth and independence to our strategic leadership and oversight responsibilities.

Unitary board structure

Board composition

At September 2018, the Board comprised nine directors with an appropriate balance between non-executive and executive directors.

The Board is satisfied that it has sufficient professional and industry knowledge and strong independence. The gender and race diversity targets are adequately aligned to our diversity policy. We are committed to increasing the representation of black people and women on the Board and ensuring that the best available candidates are appointed.

Full biographical details of directors can be found at the ‘Who we are’ tab on


T Brewer, independent non-executive director.

Independent non-executive directors
(re-elected every three years)

  • MR Bower 
  • Bulo 
  • APH Jammine 
  • JM Kahn¹ 
  • MJ Kuscus 
  • KD Moroka 
  • N Weltman 
Executive directors
  • RH Friedland
  • KN Gibson


The average age of the Board is 60¹; therefore, succession planning is a key focus area to ensure that skills are retained following the retirement of members. We seek to balance fresh perspectives from newer members with the experience and institutional knowledge of those with longer tenures.


The Board possesses a wide range of expertise and experience. The Nomination Committee regularly reviews potential candidates to supplement the Board and ensure it retains sufficient skills.

Thevendrie Brewer has experience in the following fields: healthcare sector, mergers and acquisitions, leadership, human resources, governance of risk management and international business.

Responsibilities of the Board

The Board’s charter is reviewed annually and is aligned with King IV™’s governance principles and recommended practices.